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Blurred Beach


My 5 ranked favorites in the north sore: Hanakapī‘ai Beach: Access to this beach requires Haena Park pass, either parking or shuttle. Furthermore, you must take on a steep 2-mile hike to access this beach (then hike back). As a reward, you will get access to much less crowded beach with amazing lagoon-style stream, where refreshingly cool water flows from Hanakapī‘ai Fall (another 2-mile hike and also highly recommended). This river is shallow and one of the favorites for kids to swim in. Follow the river and crawl into the cave for a remarkable treat. A spectacular view of the ocean awaits you. The beach itself is fantastic, but the surf can be a bit strong, making it ill suited for swimming and snorkeling. Ke'e Beach: Like Hanakapi'ai Beach, this beach also requires Haena Park pass. But the plus is that this beach is essentially private, with just a handful of people on the beach. The water is extremely clean, the beach has plenty of shades, clean flush toilet nearby. It is protected by a reef, making it an excellent choice for beginner snorkelers and swimmers. Makua "Tunnels" Beach: This is the de facto beach on the north shore for snorkeling. It requires a bit of driving, just few miles before the Haena State Park entrance with the aforementioned Ke'e Beach and very famous Kalalau hiking trail. Most of the boat tours with snorkeling stops at this beach, along the small coral reef with green sea turtles. This parking lot will fill up quickly so be sure to show up before 9 am to ensure a spot. Across the road is the namesake "tunnel" cave, which is a fun quick walk. Anini Beach: Protected by a reef, this beach is great for swimming and snorkeling. With less crowd and more shades than Hanalei Bay, but much closer to the beaches in Haena Park, this is probably the best overall beach for most people. Hanalei Bay: I generally recommend this beach for mornings and evenings, as it gets pretty sunny without any shade. The plus is a beach that is 2 miles in length, with a picturesque pier you can jump from. During sunnier noon time, borrow a kayak or SUP to ride at the bay or into the river (IMO superior to more popular Wailua River with swampy and dirtier "secret fall"). It is a walking distance to many great food trucks (e.g., Turmeric Cafe) and diners (e.g., Trucking Delicious). My favorite beaches outside the north shore (not ranked): Kealia Beach: My family's favorite for body surfing (boogie boarding), with more robust wave, good facility and plenty of parking, and soft yellow sand. Lawai Beach: Just to the right of Boss Frog rental shop is a small Lawai Beach. With cleaner water and more fish, this is the preferred snorkeling spot on Poipu. Shipwreck Beach: Follow the gorgeous Maha'ulepu Heritage Trail, walk pass Grand Hyatt to reach this beach (or park if you can the spot). This is probably the sandiest beach on Poipu. Poipu Beach is disappointingly too rocky, too crowded (although so is this beach), and murkier water.

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